Toy Machine Skateboards

Toy Machine Skateboards

Darkside Skate Shops Have Toy Machine Skateboards And skate Clothing. Toy Machine is a skateboarding company, housed under the Tum Yeto distribution compan. Started by Ed Templeton in 1993. Prior to inception, Templeton was unable to decide on either “Toy Skateboards” or “Machine Skateboards” for a company name. Friend and fellow professional skateboarder Ethan Fowler suggested a combination of the two propositions.

Some of the skateboarders who joined the company during its early period were Brian Anderson, Elissa Steamer, and Brad Staba. However, all three quit the company at the same time. Austin Stephens then joined the team, followed by Caswell Berry, Diego Bucchieri, and Josh Harmony. Darkside.

More About Toy Machine

ToyMachine has been building their reputation and acquiring a loyal fan base for over twenty years. The company was founded by Ed Templeton. And isowned under distribution company Tum Yeto. ToyMachine has widely known for its alien-like graphics designed by Templeton.

Toy Machine Skateboards on one of the most recognized and respected skate companies in the world. Further more it is one of the top selling skateboard and skateboard product found in our Darkside Skate Shops. Come into or call any one of our three locations.

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In conclusion, you will always be happy riding or wearing Toy Machine Products. Darkside Skate Shops also sponsor local skaters. Also, Sponsorship tryouts happen every April and usually end in late November to early December. Also, If interested in a sponsorship come into one of our shops at the beginning of April for your chance to be on the team. Get your Skate On. Kick Flip all day. Shredding is fun.