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Bones Bearings. Bones Swiss, Reds, Super Swiss 6, Ceramic, Race reds etc. – The only thing negative we can say about Bones Bearings is today’s price. it is high because the Swiss have to charge this much to make money, and we have to pass our increased cost along to you. I know this puts Bones Swiss out of reach for many skaters and so I have been searching for a bearing that approaches the performance of our legendary Swiss at a lower price.

When I considered where I might find such a bearing, I thought of China because I have visited this rapidly developing country a number of times to help introduce skateboarding to the Chinese. While there, I discovered that parts of China are highly developed, possess good manufacturing equipment, and are capable of producing high quality items at low cost. So I started a search in China for a bearing manufacturer capable of producing a great skate bearing with a little help from us.

Bones Swiss Bearings Darkside Skate Shop
Bones Swiss Bearings Darkside Skate Shop

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