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Baker Skateboards, In 1999 Reynolds left Birdhouse Skateboards and started Baker Skateboards. Along with other professional skateboarders from StereoZero, and other companies. In 2007, the skateboard deck brand signed a distribution deal with Blitz Distribution. That is the company that, at the time, was distributing Birdhouse and other brands. Such as Fury and Hook-Ups (Blitz had originally been formed by Per Welinder and Hawk to distribute their own products). As of 2008, the brand was the top-selling brand under the Blitz Distribution umbrella. In regard to the original Baker logo, Reynolds has credited the design to co-founder J Strickland. And stated that it represented a motley company that consisted of talented skateboarders.

Leo Romero left the Baker team in April 2009. At that time his departure led to a great amount of discussion among skateboarders and fans. Romero was awarded Thrasher magazine’s “Skateboarder of the Year” trophy in 2010.

Riley Hawk, son of professional skateboarder and company owner Tony Hawk, joined the Baker team in 2012 after riding for his father’s company, Birdhouse.

Baker Zone

The RIDE Channel, a YouTube skateboarding channel cofounded by Hawk, announced on March 15, 2013 that a new series, entitled “Baker Zone”, would commence on March 18, 2013. The series features video productions from the Baker company, such as “Weekend Warriors,” “Piled Out,” “Trash Compactor,” and “Dumb Ass Park Footy.

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